The Mayor

Municipality of Kos

Nikitaras A. Theodosis


Theodosis Nikitaras with faith in principles and values, he never stopped fighting for the unity of our society,
which is a basic condition for the common targeting and activation of all
of the creative forces of our place.

He was born in December 1966 in Asfendiou, where he grew up as a member of a large family.

He took his first steps in education in the single-seat Primary School of Evangelistria, where he completed the first two classes, and then in the three-seat, then, primary school of Zipari.

The high school years find him as a student of Hippocrates High School and Lyceum.

Theodosis Nikitaras had intense social and political concerns from an early age. In his teenage years he was active in the newly established cultural association “Theocritus”. Participates in the foundation of the football team “Renaissance of Asfendios”. At the same time, as a Student of DG Lyceum, he is elected president of the fifteen-member student council.


Theodosis Nikitaras is elected Mayor of Kos, leader of the “Strong Kos” faction in the 2019 municipal elections.
  • In the first round of elections, on May 26, 2019, he took the first place with a percentage of 45.17%, 7662 votes and 15 seats.
  • In the second round, June 2, 2019, he emerged victorious, with a percentage of 61.55% and 9177 votes, against his opponent Georgios Kyritsis, taking office from September 1, 2019.
Akti Koundouriotou 7, 85300 Kos, Dodecanese, Greece


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